Tap into your mind to empower yourself

Why Learn to Meditate | How to Meditate.

Outside stressors cause inner turmoil, driving us to choose coping mechanisms which often become bad habits. Mine is binge snacking which makes me gain weight and worsens my stress!  Intellectually I know better, but the craving overwhelms me into making a bad choice in a moment of weakness. Weakness. Overwhelmed. Being controlled…. these words make me mad, mad enough to find a real solution!

I believe meditation is that solution. Instead of battling my body and its zany hormones head-on, I need to stop, breathe, focus, let my willpower take charge and make better choices.  I think Taylor Swift has coined the one-liner of a generation:  “Shake it Off” — it’s a great response to stress as well as a great song to play inside your head to drown out the negative noises.


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