Will your body outlast your brain?

This is clearly a subject for us folks with an extra ring of birthday candles on the cake…. but the earlier we start taking brain health seriously, the better we’ll age for years to come.

Research is demonstrating the possibility our brain cells can last twice as long as our bodies, which makes the issue of brain decline that much more tragic.   But how much control do we have to improve or sustain our brain health?  Apparently, quite a bit!

First, optimizing our physical health provides the best environment for the brain to thrive.  As for specifically helping the brain stay sharp– keep trying or learning new things (hobbies, skills, crafts, social groups), eat brain healthy foods, and BE ACTIVE!!

Surprise finding:  just doing puzzles or reading has little effect on long-term mental sharpness– it’s necessary to do NEW things to stimulate neurons.


2 thoughts on “Will your body outlast your brain?

  1. Be active, yes, and have a purpose. Having a purpose gives meaning to life, it doesn’t have to be saving the world or anything extraordinary or amazing, every person great or small has something to give to the world. Even a little blogging helps!

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