Redesigning my Blog

Thanks to everyone who’s visited my page, it’s totally a labor of love to share good health tips and motivation to others to look and feel their best– not to mention it helps me stay on track in my own life!  I recently made a few changes in my direct sales businesses so I could be more focused, which made me reevaluate exactly what I wanted my message to be…

To that end, I realized that fitness inside and out was the top priority, and that proper nutrition was the absolute foundation to not just living longer, but living a vibrant life well into our later years.   High quality nutrients can heal, as well as help prevent the chronic illnesses plaguing society today.

Transforming from sluggish, pudgy and burned out to trim, energized and upbeat has given me back my youth!  My attitude changed from letting it go, to I deserve only the best!!  Nature’s unpolluted elements have power– the power to build strong bodies and uplift spirits– with this power inside us, we can  become our own Force of Nature!!

My message is crystal clear– don’t be persuaded to eat junk food, polluted food or fake “health” foods just because it’s easy, or familiar, or brings instant gratification.  Our health matters… to us, to those we love, and to our future.  Make smart choices, even if they don’t seem to make a difference now..  they will absolutely make a difference in the long run!!


Side note:  I’m a total “Walking Dead” nerd– this was my amazing makeover at ‘Walkin Dead Haralson Tours’ in Georgia.  One can’t help but notice that from time to time, the people around us look a lot like the walking dead zombies!!  Frankly, it’s a good depiction of how dead I used to feel before getting healthy with Isagenix,  LOL!!!fullsizeoutput_2b26fullsizeoutput_29c7

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