Well, it’s time to redesign my blog a little so I can focus on things I find most important.  I started this several years ago to help empower women, inside and out, but that took me in too many different directions, and got me involved in too many different companies.  What I want most to help others with is their health.  I feel health is the single most important factor to enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Now in my late 50’s — a proud mom to my 2 no-longer-teen boys, and a healthcare provider, I am appalled at what is sold on grocery shelves and convenience stores, and that I used to happily fix it for my children.  Unfortunately, we are surrounded by increasingly more toxic food, as well as advertisements that make these foods appear safe and delicious.  Now that I realize how critical proper nutrition is to our health, it makes the mission even more important to spread the word to others.

I remain a faithful customer of Isagenix due to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality,  it’s mission to impact world health, and ease physical and financial pain.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to ensure getting all the nutrients I need, and recommend it highly to anyone wanting to improve their own health and wellness.





Why it matters so much:

In our country, chronic illnesses are so common, I rarely take care of patients without two or more major health problems.  Seeing the broken spirit that goes along with a broken body drives me to talk preventative health to anyone who will listen.

Of course, no one listens to the person not practicing what they preach… so my first duty was to take a critical look in the mirror.  Boy I needed help!  But nothing I tried was working… until Isagenix.  Luckily, in June of 2015 on the strong advice of a friend to “try it,” I finally got the results I was hoping for!  My  journey to lose 40 lbs and uncover a healthier, happier, younger-feeling self had begun.

Then this past summer, I came across Retro Beauty Company, and discovered that younger skin was possible with natural topicals and LED light therapy– professional results in the comfort of home!

Retro page header

It was the combination of these nature-based products I use to build myself up on the inside and improve my skin from the outside that brought me to the idea of becoming a “Force of Nature,”  and I’d love to help others discover how amazing this power feels!


I believe in the power of optimism, and in the power of passing it on. I once had a boyfriend who felt that love was limited, that giving it away made it shrink.  It was at that moment I knew we were through, because I felt just the opposite– that the more we give, the more we are gifted in return. I’m glad he never convinced me otherwise.

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“Let your inner beauty show, and the outer beauty will follow” — Donna Bobb

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