Binge Eating Disorder

Learn to love yourself as is….

Let it Go!

Let it Go!

The latest  buzz acronym is BED, or Binge Eating Disorder.  At the core is a sense of disdain for oneself, the same self-loathing that causes many women to starve, purge, over eat, over exercise, or any other means to punish themselves.  Whether the result is weight gain or weight loss, it’s critical to get control over all the inner and outer forces (aka “other people opinions”) that break us down– just tell whose voices to Shut Up!!!  Truly loving and accepting ourselves is the first step towards automatically making smart, healthy choices.

Sometimes this requires forgiving a person or event that’s hurt us, as this may be the only way to get past the pain.  Once we’ve discovered that we’re comfortable in our own skin, then negativity will no longer be able to creep in and destroy our self-perception.

Click HERE to view an article of one woman trying to make a difference for others by sharing her very personal struggle with and final resolution with her body image.

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