Your Body Doesn’t Hate You!!



For anyone struggling with weight loss, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that your body just hates you and that there’s no way you’ll ever win the fight— STOP right there…..   I am that person, I’ve fought most of my life with an occasional win, only to lose the war over and over.  Want to know the secret of my ultimate success??  QUIT FIGHTING!!  Working WITH Nature suddenly makes it easy.

Why you’ll see me use the phrase “release the fat”

We may see that we live in a modern world with food available on every street corner, but your body can’t read grocery store signs… the body’s chemistry and hormones are still configured for a primitive lifestyle, where survival is constantly at stake. So look at the world from your body’s point of view:

When the cells and organs don’t get the proper nutrients to function, they interpret “I’m starving” and send an SOS to the brain. The brain goes into panic mode and sets us up to scarf down #!: sugar (quick energy), #2: fat (long-term energy), and #3: salt (fluid retention). These are excellent survival tools for a trek across the outback, but unfortunately your upper brain neurons can’t tell your survival neurons to chill out, no crocodiles.
Equally unfortunate, an extra hamburger and elaborate fat stores don’t feed cells that are missing the vitamins and enzymes necessary to transform those stores into energy.
What’s the quickest way to communicate? Proper, balanced, consistent nutrition– a steady flow of the good stuff shuts down the panic button so instead of holding on to every possible resource, the body RELEASES the excess fat!
So quit standing in front of the mirror fussing at your body for not complying with your health regimen (or lack of). Communicate effectively instead by shifting to a proper diet!

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You CAN lose the weight and get healthy!

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