Little Steps to a Healthy Life

How do you change the way you think?  The way you react?  Our perceptions have been shaped by a lifetime of experience that turn into patterns of behavior which become so natural and instinctive, we typically don’t think as often as we simply act.  If you were to really tune in to what is going on around you, observe everything in your immediate surrounding, do you notice a sense of waking up?  This is a key skill to develop if you want to become less impulsive in the way you behave.

I don’t want to be a passive observer in my life.  I don’t want to let life run me, where I mindlessly complete tasks, and react to the world based on patterns instead of making thoughtful decisions.

When you decide to get in shape, especially trying to drop fat stores and gain lean muscle weight, you’re going to have to decide what changes you are willing to make to your current patterns of behavior, as well as your perceptions.  Examples:  mindlessly grabbing a sweet treat…  thinking you’re “starving” even after enjoying an appropriate portioned meal… snacking empty calories or excess drinking during a movie or social event.

Put your mind in charge.  Be fully aware of your health and fitness goals.  Control your behaviors so you reach those goals.  Eating healthy often feels as if we’re “depriving” ourselves from enjoying the “good” things in life– quite the opposite– if you’re out of shape due to your lifestyle choices, you’re actually depriving yourself from enjoying a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

The downside of changing a pattern is it may causes anxiety, so I find it easiest to take it in little steps:  just change 1 thing at a time and only change it a little each day.  The gradual move from one pattern to another will feel a lot more comfortable, and the small successes will build your confidence to continue making even bigger changes.  The beauty to this is #1, you’re less likely to quit and feel defeated, and #2, you’ll develop lifestyle changes that become the new “normal”, which makes them really easy to continue!

The following videos were recorded on my Facebook Live page to help people work through various health issues one at a time, simplifying concepts so they can be understood and used in everyday life.  I am not comfortable in front of a camera, especially live video,  but it’s worth it to share ideas that help others get in the best shape of their life.little step

Little steps can conquer big problems, and the results can last a lifetime!

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